Today is a big day for us.

One that I tried to explain to the kids that they will one day tell their own kids about.

Let me back up a little.

About two months ago, my parents sat us down and told us that they had bought land in Oklahoma and they are going to build a home on it for our family to come to anytime they want.

My first response? “Wait. Are you moving?”

“No, this will be a home that we can come to anytime we want.”

Come to to make memories. To hike. To check out. To laugh. To play. To explore. To eat together. To play games. To stay up past bedtime. To sleep in. To drink coffee. Lots of coffee.

So today, we are driving to (I’m writing this while in the van) and will step foot on the land for the first time ourselves. My parents, of course have been, but we have only seen pictures.

Our girls? They’re planning to look for trails to hike and the best tree to build a tree house on. Or in? 🤔 A tree house tree. There’s even a tree house building book in our home now.

So join us in this fun journey and I’ll document the house building progress! They just recently closed and house plans are in full swing!

Joyfully Restored