How To Paint Your Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Don’t love your kitchen backsplash? Maybe your colors have changed but it just isn’t in the picture to redo the backsplash?

You should consider painting it. Trust me. You’ll LOVE it.

Let me walk you through why and how we did ours and hopefully by the end of this you’ll be feeling confident(ish) to go for it yourself!

Why We Painted Our Tile Backsplash

One of my favorite things about this house is the kitchen. However, over time we have converted the golden and beige walls to grey and the gold backsplash was clashing with the rest of the house. But, life happens. Our back door really needs to be replaced and the money needs to go towards that right now. We also aren’t going to replace the countertops now. So, I researched painting tile. To be honest, I have been hesitant to do this for awhile. When you paint furniture, you can usually sand it and restain if you don’t like. But with the tile, I wasn’t sure. After looking for a few different tutorials (all being similar but not the same), I came up with my own plan. Spoiler…it cuts out an extra step which saves time. And all of the mamas said…AMEN!

Total fail on my end but I didn’t get a ton of before pics. Here are a few glimpses of the tile before I started.


The Tools Needed For This Project

Here is what I used. For those of you that like the “why” behind it, I’ll explain that too. If you don’t like the why, just buy all the things and trust me.

  1. Zinsser Primer. Find it here or at your local hardware store. I’ve even seen at Walmart. Get the one with red on the front. It is a Shellac based primer. You don’t need the big can. The small one should do for this project.
  2. Sherwin Williams Urethane Trim Paint.ย The color I used is Dover White. I got the Satin finish. It is not super shiny. To me is seems between a flat and satin. You also don’t need the big can for this. The smaller one should do. I have the big can because I also used this same paint and color for our kitchen cabinets. ***WHY THIS PAINT? This is where you save a step. This paint as a urethane built into it so you don’t have to apply an additional clear coat of anything to seal and protect. LOVE IT!
  3. Brush for primer-basic economy (the cheapo kind) brush. I used a 2 inch. You can find these just about anywhere.
  4. Brush for the paint-I like this one. It is a 2 inch, stiff, angled brush. This is just my personal preference. Use whatever is the most comfortable for you. This will be your main paint brush for this project.
  5. Painter’s Tape. Frog tape is my favorite! I used up what I had in the garage this time so I wasn’t able to do frog tape for the entire project.

Let’s Get Started!

Prep Work

Roll your sleeves up and let’s get started.

Clean your tile up with warm water. Don’t clean with TSP. The shellac primer and TSP aren’t friends.

My assistant helped me with this step.

Now tape off where needed. This part is so tedious but stick with it. I think I just made a joke there. Get it? Tape is sticky? Ok, moving on. As you can tell from the pics, I forgot to take a pic before I primed. Also, Millie had a few strategic places for the tape. She’s a DIYer in training.

Time To Prime

The shellac primer is very runny. It is an alcohol based primer and dries very fast. I dry brushed it on. If you have never done this, that just means you only get a tiny bit of primer on your brush and dab the excess off onto a paper towel.

It will not look pretty. Just keep going. Like I said, it dries fast, so by the time you are done, you should be ready to move onto the painting step.

Time to Paint

I wanted my tile to have more of an industrial look, similar to old painted brick. Because of this, I chose to not completely paint into every crack of the grout. I just took the brush and brushed flat against the tiles. If it got into the grout, great. But it it didn’t, I just went with it. So far I’m liking this look. If I decide to go fill the grout in later with paint, that is easy enough.

Just like with the primer, the first coat won’t look pretty. I ended up doing 3 full coats and a 4th touch up coat in places where the paint still looked thin.

How many coats you do just depends on your personal preference and you can always decide as you go. Even with 4 coats, it did not take a lot of paint to get the job done.ย 

You can see in this pic that the paint still looks a little translucent. I went on to the next few coats to get the final look I wanted. Read the can of paint also, but I waited at least 4 hours between coats. Even though it may be dry to the touch sooner, you want to let it do it’s thing before you start your next coat.

Voila! The After

If you’ve been hesitant or stuck with your backsplash, I hope this helps give you the courage to go for it! Paint is such an inexpensive way to make big changes.

Do you love this urethane paint? I also used it on the inside of our front door here. ๐Ÿ™‚


Paint the Backsplash? Why not!

Paint the backsplash? Why not?

Shhh. Don’t answer that. There are probably a few reasons why not.

But there are also many reasons why to paint the backsplash. For us it’s because I’m just crazy and spontaneous and like to do things like this. That and that the money in our budget needs to go to a new backsplash right now. Real life.

So, as I was making my egg white omelette this morning, the backsplash was staring me in the face. It was begging to be painted.

I’m telling you these projects talk to me. Remember the time the barn door spoke to me?

Anyway, I’ve done my deed and cleaned the closets out (thanks Marie Kondo. That chick. She’s something else) so why not start a project?

Millie learned how to use a flat head and phillips screw driver today so there’s a teaching moment. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ Yes, she was supervised. By yours truly.

Anyway, I’m going for it today.

Stay tuned and I’ll post an update after I’m done.




Have a great weekend, friends!

A day in history…for us :)

Today is a big day for us.

One that I tried to explain to the kids that they will one day tell their own kids about.

Let me back up a little.

About two months ago, my parents sat us down and told us that they had bought land in Oklahoma and they are going to build a home on it for our family to come to anytime they want.

My first response? “Wait. Are you moving?”

“No, this will be a home that we can come to anytime we want.”

Come to to make memories. To hike. To check out. To laugh. To play. To explore. To eat together. To play games. To stay up past bedtime. To sleep in. To drink coffee. Lots of coffee.

So today, we are driving to (I’m writing this while in the van) and will step foot on the land for the first time ourselves. My parents, of course have been, but we have only seen pictures.

Our girls? They’re planning to look for trails to hike and the best tree to build a tree house on. Or in? ๐Ÿค” A tree house tree. There’s even a tree house building book in our home now.

So join us in this fun journey and I’ll document the house building progress! They just recently closed and house plans are in full swing!


Meet the man in our lives.

Dicky and I have known each other since the 7th grade.  He jokes that he knew who I was in the 6th grade and I didn’t have a clue who he was until the 7th grade.

But in my defense, I was the new girl mid-6th grade year. I was still getting to know everyone. 

We were friends for years. Our church youth groups did things together and we were at the same school. 

I remember the day very clearly though when we were getting off of a school bus. We were in a class together called P.A.L.S. We rode the bus to a local elementary school and mentored students. I remember thinking to myself one day “I want to marry someone like him one day.”

Little did I know my dreams (and lots of prayers from my parents) would come true.

When I told my parents that I thought he was the one, my mom told me that she’d known that long before I did. “Your dad and I have been praying for him since before you were born.”

He is so wonderful and the poor guy is in a house FULL of girls and loves us all so well. 

This picture was taken at 10:00 p.m. a few nights ago. Or maybe a few weeks ago? I don’t even know what day it is. Ha. 

But I took this picture (against his will) because I want to always remember the things I see in this picture.

He got home from work at 7:15, helped me bathe the girls and tuck them all in, then he went to go put lights on the front of our house. All because Maggie politely asked if we were going to have lights outside this year. He knew that was one way to show the girls love and he knew helping get the girls in bed was one way he could show me love. All of this after serving and loving others at the hospital all day. 

We love you, Mr. Man! That’s what we call him now, thanks to our sweet little friend, Everlee. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Terri Brown’s Peanut Butter Crispy Chews

Oh man y’all. Before I tell you how to make these incredibly easy and delicious peanut butter crispy chews, let me tell you a little bit about Terri Brown.

Terri Brown is the mama and wife of this precious family. This family played a huge role in praying for me and for shaping the person I am today.

I probably didn’t realize that at the time. But now that I am a mama to three girls and have started to see the adults that are helping pray and shape the lives of my own kids, I appreciate Terri Brown and her family even more.

And I especially appreciate her peanut butter crispy chews.

Seriously so delicious.

I remember eating maybe 10 of these at a time when we would have church get togethers. So don’t ask me what a normal servig size of these is. My opinion of that is likely not a healthy one.

I especially remember eating them at Disciple Now, an annual youth retreat where we had leaders come in from out of town to lead us as we stayed at homes of families throughout the community. These deliciouns treats would be on the table and I would grab one every single time I walked by the table. I was very strategic.

And since then, guess what? Dicky and I have hosted Disciple Now and two of Terri’s daughters have each led a group of youth in our own home.

So there you have it. These crispy chews of deliciousness are yummy and also so very special to me.

Terri Brown's Peanut Butter Crispy Chews

These quick and easy peanut butter treats are sure to please and will become a staple that you’ll come back to time and time again! 

  • 1 C sugar
  • 1 C light karo syrup
  • 1 1/2 C peanut butter
  • 4 C Rice Krispies
  1. Place sugar and syrup in a pan and bring to a boil.

  2. Remove mixture from heat and add peanut butter. Mix all three together.

  3. Place rice krispies in a large bowl with room to stir. 

  4. Pour mixture over rice krispies and still until all ingredients are combined. 

  5. Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper to cool.