Making Our House A Home

What do you think makes a house a home?

For us, it is the people and the memories that we make together.

You see, when I started this blog, I knew that the last thing I ever wanted to do was create the impression that my house is always decorated, clean, with all laundry organized and put away.

Because let me tell you…NOPE! This is my laundry room on a good day.

I do love doing projects and it is a passion that God’s given me, but the “stuff” will never be more important than the people that are within the walls of our home. So I hope you feel encouraged when I tell you that it is OK to not always have it all together!

This was our first meal together in the new house. Let the memory making begin!

Don’t get me wrong, I may be more relaxed when the laundry is all put away (but really, when is it ever?) and there are fresh vacuum lines in the carpet, but let’s remember to take time to slow down and BREATHE. Soak in those moments with your precious family and spend those quiet moments with the Lord. He created the Sabbath and it is a GOOD THING to slow down.

To not fill in every empty spot on your calendar.

To create those boundaries and margins in your life so that you can just be present.

This is my study book. Do you like the coffee stains and preschool pickup tag that is stuck on the front?

I just recently finished this study. It is Priscilla Shirer’s study, Breathe. I went through this with a group of ladies at church and it was very convicting. If you feel overwhelmed, I would encourage you to grab a copy and go through it. Leave some space for Him and for those things He has called you to. It’s ok to say no sometimes. The world we live in may make us think that we have to “do it all”.

But mamas, no. Give yourself grace. You’re doing a great job. 🙂

Back to making our house a home. I tell my girls several times a week that “people are more important than things”. When they are having a sister argument over a toy, that’s when I like to remind them of this.

“People are more important than things.” I probably said those words at least once while they were playing Barbies here.

So, yes, I will be sharing lots of fun decor finds and DIY tutorials with you. But please hear me when I say that filling your home with love and memories is so much more important that the cutest pumpkin that you will ever find!

Even if it is on sale.

So let’s make our houses feel like homes together! 🙂

Easy Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

Easy Farmhouse Curtains


No sew.



Do I have your attention now? I love all of those words separately but when you put them all together…even better!

So you can’t sew? Or maybe you can, but haven’t found the time to make it happen.  I have a very inexpensive and easy solution for you…kitchen dish towels!

Here is a look at some at our previous house! I was using more red at the time and I got these dish towels at IKEA.

Easy Farmhouse Curtains

Here is our current house. These gray and beige dish towels are also from IKEA.

Depending on your window, you may need to hang with a tension rod or a mounted curtain rod.

Then you will just need to buy curtain rings, clip those bad boys onto the towel, and BOOM! Curtains. In a jiffy. It kind of makes me want to do this dishes.

Maybe not. But it does make it a little more enjoyable.


Save the Pumpkins and Your Money

Let me set the scene for you. It may sound familiar.

It’s October. If you live in Texas, that doesn’t mean much. But we pretend it feels cooler out.

You burn that pumpkin candle. This is the one I’ve been burning lately.

The crockpot is on and you’re making that family favorite soup.

Today is the day.

The day you decorate for fall.

You get those tubs out of the attic and you can’t wait to open them. But when you do, you realize a lot of it is dated and “not your style anymore”.

So you make an action plan.

Go tell hubby that you need to go to Hobby Lobby because fall stuff is 40% off. To which he will remind you that “they always have a sale.”

Darn it. He figured it out.

Sound familiar?! If so, let me share with you what I do in situations like this.

I do go and get maybe one or two new things a season. Nothing big. I’ll sometimes try to wait until the season is over and the price is really marked down. But when all else fails, I paint!


You will soon learn that about me. My family jokes that if you walk by me, I may paint you.

I’ve tried to do more neutral fall stuff inside the house but I had so many bright orange pumpkins. If you want to update your old pumpkins the way that I did, here is what you’ll need:

-old pumpkins

spray primer for plastic. There are many different brands and I didn’t spend much on it. Just grab whatever you can find at your local hardware store. I did fid it online, but he price was higher than I paid.

-paint in color of your choice (latex or acrylic craft paint would work)

sponge brush

Side note: Another thing you could use is chalk paint. No need to prime with chalk paint and it should stick to your pumpkins just fine.

It is really pretty simple from here. You could even involve the kids and they’d love it! Maybe even give them a few to do their way. Warning…it may end up with 6 googly eyes all over it if you do. We kind of have a thing for googly eyes when we do crafts. Don’t ask me. It just kind of happened. 🤷🏼‍♀️😆👀

First, you’ll want to spray prime the pumpkins. As soon as it dries, you’re ready to paint.

I used sponge brushes to paint but I guess any brush that you have on hand would work. I did 2 coats of paint on most pumpkins and then they were good to go.

I hope this helps you update your fall decor and stay within your budget, too!

Molly’s New Desk

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a trip down memory lane together.

Do you remember where you sat to do homework when you were a kid?

For me, it was usually at this table.

This was the first set that my parents bought as a married couple. We now have this very table in our own dining room.

Every time I sit there, it kind of takes me back to those nights of AP calculus homework. The nights of studying for biology and listening to my mom as she made up goofy songs to help me remember all of those crazy words for my test. I thought were annoying at the time. But they helped me pass my test.

Thanks, mom.

I want to make those memories with my kiddos. To be there when they have those “oh I get it!” moments.

To watch them grow. To experience those struggles followed by the victories.

So when we moved and Molly said that she would love a desk for her room, this mama was ON. IT. 👊🏼

And for the record, I am now the one making up goofy songs. I’m quite certain she’ll thank me one day.

Now let’s walk through how we made this desk dream of hers come true.


The first step to a DIY desk project is to find a desk!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good deal! You don’t have to break the bank on your desk. Just find something that is the size that you need and has the drawer space that you’d like.

We found this one at a thrift store for $30!

Already have a desk that you like? Just skip the painting part and read ahead for the next steps on customizing the inside of the drawers.


After finding a desk, you’re ready to prep and paint. Clean that bad boy up. I would recommend priming but with the paint I’m about to share with you, it isn’t required. My favorite primer for wood is Zinnser BIN primer. You can paint it on with a brush/roller or get the spray kind. If you’re just using it for this project, the spray should be enough to cover your desk.

What paint should you use?

I do love chalk paint,  but for this project, I chose a latex/waterbased paint. In my experience it is more durable for pieces that will get lots of use.

So I used Sherwin-Williams proclassic paint. I love this paint when I paint furniture or cabinets that will get lots of daily use.

The pro classic latex (waterbased) has many great properties that you’ll love, especially if you’re just getting into painting furniture. It is self leveling (like oil based paint is) but won’t yellow over time. Basically, self leveling means that it won’t show brush strokes once it is dry. I give that 2 thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼

As far as sheen goes, you can get satin or gloss. For this project, I used satin. The color I used is Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Now that you have your primer and paint, start painting! I sprayed my primer and then used both a brush and roller for the paint. Don’t panic if the first coat of paint doesn’t look good! It took me three coats until I felt it was covered. Remember to check your paint can for how soon you can paint each consecutive coat. Most if the time, I wait about 4 hours.


Now here is where the fun part began for Molly. I mean who doesn’t love a good trip to Hobby Lobby?

We went shopping for scrapbook paper that we used to line the inside of the desk drawers. Since there are 7 drawers, Molly picked out 7 different pieces of paper that she liked.

Measure your drawers before you go to the store to make sure that you get the right size and enough paper. I skipped this step and had to make an extra trip to Hobby Lobby (I actually didn’t mind that ha).

The pieces that Molly picked were all very random and I completely let go of control so that her little personality could come out!

I was very proud of myself. And her. 😆

This is my favorite piece that she picked out because every single time she opens this drawer, she will be reminded of how awesome our God is. Great choice, Molly!


While you’re at the store, grab a few sponge brushes and two different types of Mod Podge. You will want to grab the spray kind and the kind in the tub. Is that what you call it? 🤔 Just look at these pictures and get these two!

Once you get home with your goodies, go ahead and trim your paper to fit the inside of your desk drawers.

Then you will want to get the spray Mod Podge and lightly spray each piece of paper, front and back.

It will discolor the paper for a minute and you just might panic when that happens.😬

Don’t panic. It will dry quickly and it’ll be just fine.

Doing this spray step preps the paper and makes it stiff so that when you begin to glue the paper into the drawers, it won’t wrinkle up as much.

I repeat…as much.

I did get a little wrinkling still, but I’m ok with that. If you’ve ever worked with Mod Podge, you know what I’m talking about. Those air bubbles make me a little stressed out🤪. Anyone else have tips for that?

Now it is time to glue the paper to the drawers. I use the Mod Podge as glue and applied it directly to the wood on the drawer. Then just apply the paper to te drawer base and brush a coat of the Mod Podge over the paper. This seals it. It will go on white then dry clear.

You may still have a few bubbles that come up. Just do your best to smooth them out. It prob won’t be bubble/wrinkle free though.

Check out all of Molly’s choices!


You’re almost done! The last step is optional, but you can always change the hardware out to add more character.

We originally tried to polish the brass hardware.  I liked it but Molly wanted something with more color, so we added these that we found at Hobby Lobby.

I hope this inspires you to do something fun with your kiddo so that you create lifelong memories together!

And maybe you can sprinkle a little homework and silly songs in along the way. 🙂

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Sarah. I’m a born and raised Texas girl. I’m married to my best friend, Dicky, who I have known since the 6th grade. We have 3 precious girls who mean the world to us.

We are very involved in our church and community and that’s how we spend much of our time. But one of my favorite things to do is spend time at home with my family.

I think that makes me a homebody.

So one cup of coffee at a time, we work together to create a home where we can raise our girls.

I’m so glad that you’re here with me and I can’t wait to start sharing all of my projects and home decor ideas with you. I know that we will have fun learning and doing this together.

But before we do that, let me tell you how I got here.

Because if you would have told me even two months ago that I would start a blog, I would NOT have believed you. I may have even shrugged my shoulders and given you that emoji face with the big eyes.

You know the one I’m talking about. 😳

But isn’t that how God works sometimes? He opens those doors as quickly as He closes them. I’ve learned that His plan is so beautiful and perfect so I’m trusting Him and walking through the door into the blogging world. I certainly have a lot to learn but I know that where God guides, He provides.

So this whole God moving quickly thing has happened to us a lot over the last several months. We just moved in March. Moved from the home that I said I would NEVER leave. The home where I fell in love with DIY (it was built in the 80s). The home that we created so many memories in. The home that we had just put hardwood floors in.


Here it is! I took this picture as we were pulling away. I’m surprised I could even see through the tears to take a pic.

And here we are having our last meal together before we said goodbye!

I also used to take a picture of them on the fireplace for every season and occasion under the sun.

So here is one last fireplace picture. P.S Molly broke her toe the week we were moving so that was awesome.

Sigh. Back to the moving thing.

I can still remember exactly what happened the day that God flung that door open for us to move. I was pulling out of my parents’ driveway and saw a sign in the yard across the street. The sign said “COMING SOON”.

Since it had been a whopping 60 seconds since I had talked to my mom, I figured it was time for a phone call. I called her and said something along the lines of “Hey! Wouldn’t it be so much fun if we were neighbors?!” Wait. What. Did I just say that? Then she goes on to say something like “You should just go check out the floorplan. I think you’d love it.”

My wheels were turning. But remember. I had said I would never leave our last house.

Later that night, after the kids were in bed, I said to my husband, “So…the house across the street from my parents is for sale.”

Deep breath and pause.

I waited for him to say no. But guess what he said? “We should go look at it.” There’s that emoji face with the big eyes again. 😳

So we walked through the house together. You know, just for fun. Because I wasn’t going to move. 😉 Later that night, we both looked at each other and said “It just feels right. Let’s pray about it.” But so much would have to happen for it to work out. The house we wanted was about to go on the market and we hadn’t even listed our house yet. And we have 3 kids. 3 girls. Do you know how many clothes, baby dolls, barbies, and shopkins that is?!

But we prayed hard. We prayed that God would slam the door shut if it wasn’t right and we kept moving forward. We got our house ready to sell in 3 days (thanks to my mom, the hopefully soon to be neighbor), they accepted our contingent offer, then our house sold in less than 24 hours.

God had made it pretty clear to us that this was His plan.

But we had to move fast.

Of course we had 2 kiddos’ birthdays to celebrate, a party planned where we would have 20ish girls at the house, and a “helpful” little two year old.

Things moved so fast that we hardly had time to process. Our kids were excited but also a little sad and scared at the same time. I tried to think of things I could do for them. Things to give them to look forward to. They had been sharing a room for years and they would get their own room now. I asked what they wanted in their rooms.

Maggie, without hesitation, said she would love a new wall calendar.

Molly dreamed of having a desk.

And this brings me to the first DIY tutorial that I can’t wait to share with you. You’re going to love it and it may even be something that you can do with your kiddo. So stay tuned until next time!