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I’m excited to introduce you all to one of my very talented friends!

Meet Verity.  We go all of the way back to middle school.

We went to many church camps together and rocked a pair of overalls together a time or two, as well.

Verity turns old wood into signs and home decor. And she is so good at it! She has her own business, named Rudimentary Grace.

Check out her work and click on any picture below to shop that item. Have fun!

Follow Verity to see what she’s up to…

Facebook: Rudimentary Grace

Instagram: follow here

Isn’t all of this so cute!? If you want to shop, you can find her on Etsy here!

5 Amazon Christmas Buys You’ll Love!

Where are all of my amazon loving friends!? My Christmas decorating friends? My “I love a good deal” friends?

I know what you’re thinking.

We still need to get though Thanksgiving. But I’m sharing this with all of you that like to plan ahead.

Or for those of you that start decorating for Christmas the minute after the Thanksgiving meal is over.

You know who you are.

Just embrace it and check out these awesome Amazon finds!

1) Who doesn’t love buffalo check?

Please don’t answer that.

These pillow covers are available in multiple sizes as well! Need inserts? You can grab those here.

2.) I LOVE this banner! Prime shipping isn’t available but it is priced so well, we can overlook that little fact. 🙂

3) Is amazon prime your jam? It’s ok. I found this banner for you and it IS a prime item. I also like the green in this one!

4) This is a 48″ canvas tree skirt.

Let me tell you about a tradition that we started last year. I’m a sucker for anything that has my kids’ handprints on it. We got a canvas tree skirt and they put their handprints on it. I’ll do this each year! It’s going to be pretty awesome.

5) This sherpa throw has great reviews! If you don’t have the perfect blanket for those family movie nights (or the Hallmark movie marathons) by the fire, this looks like one that you won’t regret!

P.S. Christmas is in 50 days. And if you want to decorate the day after Thanksgiving, that is in 19 days.

Happy shopping and make it a great Monday!






The Day The Barn Door Spoke to Me

The barn door spoke to me. Has that ever happened to you?

Have you ever been walking around at a store or maybe a flea market and you just KNOW that one piece is speaking to you?!

I’m serious.

Like it is saying “You know you need me in your house.”

And then you think, “But what will I do with you?”

Then it says “Figure that out later, lady. If you walk away someone else will snatch me up.”


I speak back. “Ok, you’re right. Let’s get you home and then I will explain this to my sweet husband later. Surely he’ll support my vision.”

Yup. That’s pretty much how it went down the day I brought this amazing chippy, rusty, rugged barn door home. I was driving home and had all three girls with me, but I just had to make a quick stop at the consignment store.

You know, just for fun.

I walked into the consignment store to look for chairs. The rest is history. We left with a barn door.

I really tried to walk away 3 different times but I just couldn’t leave without it.

Clearly, not everyone was as thrilled with the purchase.

Let’s take a minute to look up close at the character that this door has.

The rustier the better if you ask me!

If you look closely, you can see tire marks that are still on the door.

I LOVE a piece that has a story behind it.

Sure, we may not always know the story.

But I can only imagine all of the neat places this door could have come from.  So neat to think about.

Well, now what?

I had a big open wall in our dining room that I had been trying to figure out. This would be perfect! And it turns out Mr. Man liked it a lot, too!

After we hung it on the wall, it stayed just like that for about a month. I loved the door but just didn’t know what to put on it or around it.

But then it happened.

We got a Target gift card and my sweet husband said I could use it for whatever I wanted.

I had been eyeing a boxwood wreath for several months but just didn’t want to spend the money.

So I took the gift card and drove myself straight to Target to get my new boxwood wreath.

Boxwood Wreath

I also had a rusty GATHER sign that needed to find its place in our new home.

I LOVE how it all came together!

Easy Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

Easy Farmhouse Curtains


No sew.



Do I have your attention now? I love all of those words separately but when you put them all together…even better!

So you can’t sew? Or maybe you can, but haven’t found the time to make it happen.  I have a very inexpensive and easy solution for you…kitchen dish towels!

Here is a look at some at our previous house! I was using more red at the time and I got these dish towels at IKEA.

Easy Farmhouse Curtains

Here is our current house. These gray and beige dish towels are also from IKEA.

Depending on your window, you may need to hang with a tension rod or a mounted curtain rod.

Then you will just need to buy curtain rings, clip those bad boys onto the towel, and BOOM! Curtains. In a jiffy. It kind of makes me want to do this dishes.

Maybe not. But it does make it a little more enjoyable.