No sew.



Do I have your attention now? I love all of those words separately but when you put them all together…even better!

So you can’t sew? Or maybe you can, but haven’t found the time to make it happen.  I have a very inexpensive and easy solution for you…kitchen dish towels!

Here is a look at some at our previous house! I was using more red at the time and I got these dish towels at IKEA.

Easy Farmhouse Curtains

Here is our current house. These gray and beige dish towels are also from IKEA.

Depending on your window, you may need to hang with a tension rod or a mounted curtain rod.

Then you will just need to buy curtain rings, clip those bad boys onto the towel, and BOOM! Curtains. In a jiffy. It kind of makes me want to do this dishes.

Maybe not. But it does make it a little more enjoyable.


Joyfully Restored