This past weekend, we all slept in. I was enjoying my cup of coffee while the kids were watching some goofy cartoon.

Then Mr. Man said “Hey, we should take the girls to Waterloo.” He’d ridden his bike at this Lake a few weeks ago and told me he knew the girls would love it.

The introverted homebody in me wanted to stay on the couch, but I said “Let’s go!”

It was completely unplanned and the girls ate frozen uncrustables in the car for lunch. Uncrustables that we bought on our way out of town haha, but it ended up being one of my favorite family days ever!

Waterloo is located in Denison, TX. It was about a 45 minute drive for us and if you’re near Collin county, you should take your crew to Waterloo. I’ll show you some of the highlights of our day. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is right by where we parked. There were people feeding the ducks and fishing at a little pond. There is also a covered area to picnic. But remember we had uncrustables in the car.

Little bit, Millie, started out in the backpack. Unlimited Pringles. It was a good thing for her.

Daddy’s turn to carry her. Also note the evidence of chocolate on her face. ๐Ÿ™‚

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the morning. Walking behind these two and watching them skip together. They may have been arguing in the car. But the sunshine and an open space outside to run and play turned that around quickly.

Maggie’s word of the day was TREACHEROUS. She said that word about 86 times in a matter of hours.

“I love these treacherous trails.”

“Can we look for more treacherous trails?”

“Oh this trail sure is treacherous.”

And for the record, I had to google how to spell that word.

Millie was running wild and free now!

This was really cool! It is a little cave that you can walk into. Look for the trail called “Cave Trail”. I’m sure you could’ve figured that out, but just incase.

This was a little area that they climbed right outside of the cave.

It was a little treacherous. (Channeling my inner Maggie.)

Daddy taught them how to skip rocks. A skill that I still have not mastered. They were pretty amazed by his rock skipping abilities.

I was trying to get them to laugh and it actually turned into real laughing. Mom win!

Halfway through the trail, there was a big open field and they went straight for the dandelions.

This is the fun little playground that we found along the way.

Just past the playground is this cool rock structure. They put those limbs down so that they could cross the water.

And climb some treacherous rocks.

We were almost back to the car at this point. But they saw this huge hill and begged to roll down it. I tried to roll down it too (the video of that is top secret) and was nauseous after about three rolls. And then one sister kicked another in the head on the way down the hill. That was our sign that it was time to get back in the car. Ha.

If you want to check it out, here is the Waterloo Park website. We had a lot of fun!


Joyfully Restored