Paint the backsplash? Why not?

Shhh. Don’t answer that. There are probably a few reasons why not.

But there are also many reasons why to paint the backsplash. For us it’s because I’m just crazy and spontaneous and like to do things like this. That and that the money in our budget needs to go to a new backsplash right now. Real life.

So, as I was making my egg white omelette this morning, the backsplash was staring me in the face. It was begging to be painted.

I’m telling you these projects talk to me. Remember the time the barn door spoke to me?

Anyway, I’ve done my deed and cleaned the closets out (thanks Marie Kondo. That chick. She’s something else) so why not start a project?

Millie learned how to use a flat head and phillips screw driver today so there’s a teaching moment. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Yes, she was supervised. By yours truly.

Anyway, I’m going for it today.

Stay tuned and I’ll post an update after I’m done.




Have a great weekend, friends!

Joyfully Restored