One morning, a sweet friend and I were talking about all that we had on our to do list for the upcoming weeks. She told me that she had a big event coming up and the list of all the things that she needed to do was overwhelming? Have you ever been there? She told me about these antique chairs that she had and asked me how she should paint them. We talked about the different options and then we went about our morning. When I got home, it hit me! Why don’t I offer to do the chairs for her so that she can focus on the other things that she needed to do to get ready for her event.

That is how this project began. She dropped the chairs off and I got to work. The stain and urethane were cracking so I did my best to strip that off and sand it down smooth. After that, it was prime, paint (latex), then seal with a protective polycrylic clear coat!

Joyfully Restored