Let’s talk about the best media console for your playroom.

When we moved to our new house, it was important to me that we had the perfect spot for a good family movie night.

You know, those nights where you all pile onto the couch in your PJs with some microwave popcorn.

Or Pirates Booty if you have braces.

But then there are also those moments where I just need them to watch Neflix so I can go take a shower.

You know how it is.

Mom life.

So after we moved, I had figured out which room all of these things would happen in.

But I wanted it to be the hangout room for movie nights AND the playroom. So I needed somewhere for the TV and for ALL. THE. TOYS.

The family that we bought the house from had their TV on a cubby storage unit.


I went online to look for something similar that was sturdy but wouldn’t break the bank.

Walmart to the rescue!

We set the TV on this 8 cube storage organizer

You can find this here or in the stores at Walmart. The finish we got is called weathered.

4 Cube organizer. We put two on either side of the TV console.

Find the 4 cube organizer here.

Viola! A sturdy, save place for the TV and TONS of storage.

Find the navy and striped cubes here.

Find the pink storage cubes here. This shade of pink is a little different than what we have.

P.S. These are the larger sized cubes. This means more storage!

Here it is all put together. I took this picture while the kids were at school. Let’s see how long it lasts!

We have had there prints FOREVER from Hobby Lobby. I almost got rid of them but think they fit perfectly over the TV.

I hope this helps you solve all of your family movie night/playroom storage problems! Now grab a movie and some popcorn and enjoy the perfect family night!


Joyfully Restored